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Housing Policies for the 21st Century
Creating a dialogue about the future of housing on a global scale

Shaping Futures is an International Knowledge Exchange, Knowledge Building project sponsored by its partners. The aim of the project is to provide a forum for dialogue on housing policies for the 21stcentury. Shaping Futures will bring together experts from Australia, Canada and the UK with input from the US, the Netherlands and France. The partners in the project range from housing and urban academics, to housing practitioners, to local and regional governments to foundations. It will initially build on existing research and knowledge and create new insights and directions for policies. The process of discussion and guided research in critical topic areas will build knowledge in the participants that can be shared through knowledge exchanges in their communities. It is clear that new finance mechanisms are needed, that housing does not stand on its own as a discipline or as a sector and requires an interdisciplinary approach. We need a new story on housing, one that incorporates its roles as economic infrastructure and place builder.


Shaping Futures is built on collaboration
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Alan Broadbent

Chairman and CEO of Avana Capital Corporation; Chairman and Founder of Maytree
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Elizabeth McIsaac

President, Maytree
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Graeme Brown

Director, Shelter Scotland
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Hal Pawson

Professor Housing Research and Policy and Associate Director at the City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales
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Joey Frey

Northern Ireland Housing Executive
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Michael Lennon

Managing Director, Housing Choices Australia
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Steve Bevington

Managing Director, Community Housing Ltd Group of Companies
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Michael Newey

Chief Executive, Broadland Housing Group
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Abigail Bond

Director of Housing Policy & Projects, City of Vancouver
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David Cant

Chief Executive Officer, BHC Limited
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David Hulchanski

Professor, University of Toronto
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John Nicolades

Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Housing, Australia
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