Shaping Futures Newsletter – June 2017

 Shaping Futures: Housing Policies for the 21st Century Our Partner’s Meeting (May 22-23) & Symposium (May 24) On Sunday May 28, the CBC’s major national public affairs interview program featured Canada’s housing issues based on the Shaping Futures Symposium. The 25-minute segment starts with clips from interviews with Sharon Chisholm, Policy Scotland and Wendy Hayhurst,[…]

Hot housing markets in Canada, U.K. and Australia: University of Toronto, international experts weigh in

The world’s hottest housing markets – London, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver – require a new approach to create affordability, experts say – and governments need to step up their game. “We won’t address housing through policies that already exist,” said Duncan Maclennan, professor of urban economics at University of St Andrews and University of Glasgow. He made[…]

Shaping Futures Press Release

February 9, 2016, Roundtable in Ottawa SHAPING FUTURES: HOUSING POLICIES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY An international knowledge exchange, knowledge building project based at Policy Scotland By Sharon Chisholm Shaping Futures is an International Knowledge Exchange, Knowledge Building project sponsored by its partners. The aim of the project is to provide a forum for dialogue on[…]